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Can a teacher and student really fall in love?

Can a teacher and student really fall in love?

Recent days, the news was full of teacher and student fall in love and ran off with one. Now, they probably are hiding, and I would like to know whether it is legal or illegal. Of course, it is illegal in our society, perhaps sneaking out together in a relationship.

Love with anyone is easy nowadays, but it exceeds the limits. Would their relationship last? Would they be caught? What would happen in their life? These were the questions that keep running in my mind. In my opinion, this situation never is encouraged. I don’t know how many teachers and students and fall in love. At the same time, the teacher falls in love with student due to specific reasons, and shit things happen.

teacher love syndrome

Unacceptable relationship

Of course, teacher love syndrome is not acceptable in any region and very scared to hear. My opinion is that it never falls in love and builds a relationship. Teachers have to gain knowledge and treat every student in the same manner.

But how they fall in love with a student? Due to some hard situations, it might happen. Students have to respect them and change their lust behavior with teachers. Their relationship is unacceptable, so don’t encourage this kind of activity.

Wrong perspective in mind

With the proper statement, a teacher in love with student is the wrong perspective. This type of relationship never gets respected in society. It is illegal in making such a relationship with a student or teacher. Every student has a future, but this type of behavior spoils them. Without crossing limits, teacher and student relationship is like mother and son pattern. If these relationships get motivated in some way, there is no guarantee for prolonged love in the future.

teacher and student fall in love

Confuse infatuation or attraction

We humans confuse the meaning of infatuation or attraction. Teacher student’s relationship is avoided because students do not know the exact meaning of love. Believe it or not, a teacher crush on student is very less because they are matured and knowledgeable.

We, humankind blessed with emotions and feelings, don’t waste in an unwanted way. Take a mindful decision and avoid this kind of relationship.

Learn social factors

Coming back to the questions, can teacher and student love is acceptable? No, it is wrong, and society will not tolerate such things. But, love is possible between two human beings despite all the social factors. Falling in love with a teacher must be like mother and son relationship but not in a couple relationships. So, keep in mind and find a difference between love and lust.