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How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection

How Does A Narcissist Handle Rejection

Narcissist fears themselves the most! Whether it is abandoning, abusive, or charming, the reaction of the narcissists would be worst. Narcissists are mainly surrounded by the terrors that primarily reside and haunted by the fear of the unworthiness. They seek vengeance for avoiding such behavior includes wearing a face of:

  • Invulnerability
  • Superiority
  • Perfection

The individual with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) feels that everyone around the person represents potential leverage or emotional injury for their ego.

Narcissists enter into either winning the esteem with others or by superiority over them. Even in either of the situation, he or she might be in the condition to pacify. With struggling to give empathize or love, Narcissists further isolates within their sphere of the emptiness. It leads to severe mental problems.

What Happens When They Are Abandoned Or Rejected?

When narcissists are abandoned or rejected, then, they would fly to the extreme and threaten the life of the person. To avoid narcissist handle rejection, it is important to analyze the problem. When rejecting the narcissist, then you will be rejecting false self that they constructed carefully for impressing you.

Whatever the true self that they have constructed with the person they love would be inaccessible, so false self could not survive on their own.

When a narcissist is rejected, then they would be forced to comfort their emptiness so that nothing scares them anymore. With rage, they would fight you and even ready to destroy you.

What Happens When They Are Made Fun Of?

Do you think Narcissists have a sense of humor? Of course, not, Narcissists laugh cruelly when they find a helpless person and make real pain that no one could have imagined.

They do not show empathy to anyone and cause discomfort to the person who makes fun of them. Narcissists are entirely incapable of laughing themselves.

narcissistic personality disorderWhat Happens When Being Ignored?

Ignoring a narcissist could give them no supply and even when you do not have any narcissistic supply, then they die of the slow death. Narcissists are rather hated than being ignored by the community.

Of course, narcissists react to rejection more aggressively as it is as frightening to them.

People would have experienced the consequences of rejecting a narcissist in a much more brutal way. Narcissist protects the false face by creating powerful criteria for their children, partner, friends, and employees.